We moored the boat
rather than get a dock
so we had to either wait
for the Water Taxi
to go ashore
or take the dinghy.

Pirate & Sloop
are waiting for us
to radio for the Water Taxi

waiting for taxi

We spent alot of time walking the island.
The crew like to run in the field by Perry's Monument.
If Chip ran off too far we'd send Pirate to retrieve him.
When Chip got hot
he would get a drink from the water fountain.
The Crew's favorite past time was swimming
or in Pirate's case "turtle hunting"
off Gibraltar Island.
Click here to see Pirate's "Turtle Hunt" Video

Chip caught a "turtle" too.

Chip & Sloop also enjoyed retrieving.
To get to Gibraltar ,
the Crew had to take a dinghy ride
Swimming at Gibraltar
the water gets deep fast.
The crew jumped in
when they saw Mom taking pictures.

The last full day the crew got tired of walking so they rented a golf cart.
Sailing home.

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