Puppies In Their Forever Homes
  • Seamus
  • Daisy
  • Montey
  • Maya
  • Riley
  • Moose (Purple)
  • Chip
  • Moose (Orange)
  • Beamer
  • Seamus

    Seamus with Finn

    Seamus with Morgan & Finn

    Daisy & Tanner

    Daisy doing dishes

    March 15

    March 16

    March 19

    March 20 with Tanner

    Montey going to his forever home

    Montey wearing his St. Patrick's Day Bandana

    Montey at Kindergarten Class

    The schoolboy has a crush

    Enjoying a treat at home after graduation
    Maya at home

    Food is good here too!

    Maya helps with the cooking

    And knows how to get a good nap!

    Maya the Spice Girl

    Riley at his forever home

    Sleepy Riley
    Look how I've grown!!!

    Moose at his forever home

    Moose in his chair

    And a dish to rest his head on

    Last chance to sleep in the puppy bowl.

    Moose with Cody

    Moose with Cody & Tammi ready for the trip to Iowa

    Ready for the long ride home.

    Moose stopped in Indiana to meet Beth & Spenser on the way home

    Meeting Cricket

    Meeting Biz Kit
    Beamer (Captain Nick's Beam Reach) now has his own page at Beamer