The Dogs' (Chip, Pirate & Boom) Summer Sail

Pirate trying to keep from sliding.
Sailing from Cleveland to Huron on Friday, July 28.
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Waves were 3 to 5 feet.
The dogs were not comfortable on deck and finally went below.
Pirate, Boom & Chip on deck at the Huron Boat Basin
Playing on the beach in Huron
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On Sunday, July 30, we left Huron and Sailed for Put-In-Bay
Chip drinking from the water fountain.
Temperatures were in the mid 90's
Playing on the beach at Put-In-Bay
Turtle Hunting on a Sandbar at PIB

The dogs' diving for turtles(rocks)off a sandbar in Put-In-Bay.
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After turtle hunting


Boom wants to come back next year!

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