2009 Sailing Vacation
from Huron to Kelly's Island and on to Put-In-Bay
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  • Kelly's Island Pictures
  • Put-In-Bay Pictures
  • After the Tartan Rendevoux in Huron, Ohio we sailed for Kelly's Island
    Chip, Pirate & Ketch got to go this time.

    Kelly's Island
    2 videos of the dogs on Kelly's Island beach

    Video 1

    Video 2
    Pirate on a Turtle Hunt
    Chip has also begun
    hunting for turtles.

    Paul Kite flying
    Leaving Kelly's Island
    the next day.
    Heading for Put-In-Bay.

    Ketch was worn out.

    There's Perry's Monument!

    Where's the Water Taxi?
    We want to go to the park.

    The water taxi

    We want a dinghy ride
    Click here to see
    Chip's "Turtle Collecting Video"
    We took the dogs
    to their favorite swim spot
    on the sand bar at
    Gibraltar Island.
    Chip was worn out
    after collecting all his turtles

    We had some storms go through.

    And we had some visitors