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updated 1/19/2021
It's Pirate & Sloop with their Teaser ball
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Snow Dogs January 9, 2010

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Sail to the Lake Erie Islands
July 20 - 24, 2009
Sail to Erieau, Ontario, Canada
July 9 - 11, 2009
Beamer & Sela Sailing
June 7, 2009
Ketch's January'09 litter with Liberty Creek's Behr To Dare All
Ketch's Pups Whelped January2, 2009
Winter 08/09
The Dogs' 2008 Summer Vacation
Winter Storm
February 27, 2008
Winter 2008
Our Grandpuppy "Ghost"
The Crew Outside on April 7.
It is Spring, Isn't It???
The Crew Enjoying the Valentine Snow Storm

The New Crew Picture
July 2006
Back Row: Sadie, Kahlua, Sloop & Chip (pushing forward)
Front Row: Skye, Ketch Boom & Pirate
Agility Competition Pictures
Fall 2005
The Crew's Jeep Magazine Photo!
Sailing 2005
Sailing 2004
Pictures of Captain Nick's Crew sailing on Lake Erie, Summer 2003.
Labby Luau, June 2004!
Check here to see the Coyote that Came to Visit.
(April, 2002)
The Dogs' Idea of a Fun Day (or how to get new furniture) (Winter 1998-99).
The Crew at home playing in the yard after a hard day sailing.(2003)

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